Rasor Road Info, History & Photos

Rasor Road OHV area is a very remote off-highway area located in the Mojave desert. Elevations can range from as low as about 850' and some of the hills as high as 2450'. The riding terrain ranges from sand dunes to sand washes, some hills and trails with mostly sand and packed sand/dirt roads & trails. The world famous Mojave Road passes through this area and reaches ZZYZX road on one side and Afton Canyon on the other. There is beginner riding terrain at the staging area but mostly intermediate to advanced skills are required for this area.


ACTIVITIES: Rasor Road, Riding ATV's is the most popular, but you can camp for up to 14 days for free and enjoy hiking, rock hounding, nature watching and camp fires.


ACCESS: Most people access the Rasor Road OHV area from the Rasor Rd. exit on the I-15 freeway 10 miles south of the town of Baker, CA. The main staging area is about 8 miles down Rasor Road (beware of some sand washes you have to pass through) The other main entrance is off of Basin Rd. with limited camping spots. and play.




 Rasor Road


Rasor Road Points Of Interest & Event Photos

Rasor Road Sand Dunes

Rasor Road is an amazing place to ride, hike, explore and enjoy the California desert, but its not for beginners. This area of the desert is quite desolate with no cell phone signal out there. You can experience many different types of terrain at Rasor Road including sand dunes, washes, hills, trails and more!

Rasor Ranch at Rasor Road

Rasor Ranch has some incredible history to it. Rasor Ranch was actually a water stop that was built and maintained for the TTRR (Tonopah Tidewater Rail Road) that no longer exists. Click the photo to the left to read more about this great ranch.

Afton Canyon

Early Tuesday morning, 29 May 1906, three workers (Floris, Garcia, and Martinez) came out from Los Angeles on the eastbound Number Two train. They arrived intoxicated. When Section Foreman Robert Y. Williams told them that he would not hire them, they attacked him with knives and a rock around 5:30 am, about 45 minutes after arriving...

The Chicken Ranch at Rasor Road

The old Chicken Ranch is gone for ever! We have lost our access to visit this awesome old cattle ranch located in the Devil's Playground. We have captured some of the last photos of the Chicken Ranch and want to share them with you. Also, learn how the Chicken Ranch got her name!

Delores Holland Grave Site at Rasor Road

The grave is of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Holland. Joe was a section foreman for the UPRR there and the place was called "King". I knew Joe when he was a section foreman at Yermo, CA. for the UPRR. Joe was also a constable of the town as late as 1969.

Dropped Jet Fuel Tank at Rasor Road

This is a drop tank from a Douglas A-4 skyhawk. These tanks were made to store extra fuel to get the fighter to the battle theatre then the external tank would be released before the sortee was carried-out, which made the plane faster and more maneuverable during the mission.

The Desert Megaphone in the Mojave Desert

No one really knows who built this contraption or how they built it. This thing is huge. It must be about 10 ft. long and about 2 ft. round. It is made of heavy steel and has been welded into place and set into the rocks by drilling holes. This work of desert art has been named the 'Desert Megaphone' and is a great thing to talk about.

The Mojave River at Rasor Road

The Mojave River could be called an "Upside-down and Backwards" river. "Upside-down", because the water flows below ground, under the sand. "Backwards", because instead of flowing toward the ocean as rivers do, the Mojave flows inland, terminating in the middle of the desert.

Old Well at Rasor Road

This is an old well that may have helped support the town of Crucero and/or other cabins in the area. It is one of the larger wells that we have found and looks like it might of been one of the latest to be used. There is a cache in one of the two wells that are next to each other

Soda Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert, Rasor Road

The Soda Dry Lake lies at the terminus of the Mojave River. In wet years, the playa may contain standing water and flooding has occurred near the I-15 Freeway at Baker. In drier times, water lies very near the surface in parts of the playa..

Tonopah Tidewater Rail Road TTRR

The T&T, was a class II railroad extending through remote reaches of the Mojave Desert from the Santa Fe Railway railhead at Ludlow, California, through Death Valley and Amargosa Valley, terminating at the Mining towns of Tonopah and Goldfield in the Great Basin Desert in Nye County, Nevada.

Clarence Rasor

Clarence Rasor was surveyor who laid out the T&T road bed around 1901 give or take a year or so. Louis was his brother. Louis Rasor did a lot of surveying for the US Borax Company, the Ryan, Lila C and Gerstley deposits as I recall. Rasor Road was named after Clarence.

Francis Borax Smith

Francis Marion "Borax" Smith (founder of Pacific Coast Borax, later to become U.S. Borax) tried in 1894 to use a steam tractor to replace the mule teams. The steam tractor, known as 'Old Dinah', often broke down and frequently became bogged down in mud and soft sand. The mule teams were put back in service.

NPLD - National Public Lands Day with BLM & Rasor Road

National Public Lands Day is a fee-free entrance day at many federal public lands including national parks. It's a great opportunity to help a local or favorite public land near you and spend the rest of the day recreating or relaxing on the land. With free admission, feel free to bring a friend or make it a family outing, and enjoy the experience

Rasor Road Clean Up Event

On January 16th, 2010 a bunch of friends of Rasor Road all pulled together along with Ranger John from BLM and we spent the better part of the day picking up trash in the Rasor Road OHV area along with the entire road that is about 7 miles long.