Fire At The Rasor Road Gas Station


September 24th, 2012

There was a fire at Rasor Road


An employee's motorhome caught on fire (still under investigation) and with the 50-65 mile per hour winds tonight it quickly spread to a mobile home next to it and burnt it to the ground before spreading to an additional two mobile homes and then onto the car impound yard where it burnt down 10 cars. The Baker and Adelanto fire departments responded about an hour later to assist Terry, Carol and Paco with there effort to put out the fire. Terry and his wife and a couple employees worked hard with several garden hoses to try and keep the fire from spreading to their beautiful home and the Beacon Station. Their effort were a great success.


Thank God that no one was hurt or killed and that all the animals were OK too. The gas station at Rasor Road is not only Terry's and Carol's life, but it's also the life the desert out there. Were would we be without Terry, Carol and the gas station?

photo credit: Carol Young