Click on any question you like and a drop down answer will appear. Rasor Road is a great place for families to enjoy aff-ording, but it is also very desolate and most cell phone do not work out there. You are many miles from help and the major portion of terrain is sand making it very hard to walk out looking for help. Please be careful and always be prepared. Carry extra water!

Where is Rasor Road?

Rasor Road is located off the 15 freeway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas about 45 minutes north of Barstow and about 10 minutes south of Baker, CA. The OHV area is located on the east side of the Interstate 15 freeway.

How do you get to the main riding area?

You can enter either at the Rasor Road entrance or the Basin Rd. entrance. Most people camp off the Rasor Road entrance, but you do have to travel down a sandy wash type of road about 8 miles sometimes making this very difficult for motor homes or inexperienced drivers. Camping off Basin Road is very limited and should be reconsidered if any rain is in the forecast due to major flooding. That area also is very silty and dusty.

What is the riding like out there?

There are areas around camp that are great for kids and beginners. As you head out into the desert it becomes more advanced including a lot of sand, sand dunes, sand washes, hills, there are some very dangerous razor backs and witches eyes. There is a lot of great riding out there, but always remember that at every turn there can be danger.

Where are the best places to camp?

Most people camp down at the end of Rasor Road, about 8 long miles down a dirt and sand road. There are some clearings. You can camp anywhere you want in the OHV area as long as you are not blocking any roads. There are no designated camping areas, it is wide open. But be advised that leaving any major road you are almost certain to bury your vehicle in sand.

Can we shoot guns out there?

Shotguns are allowed, but no pistols or rifles at all. If you are going to shoot shotguns you need to have a backstop and be attentive to OHV's that may be coming your way. Please pick up your shells when you are done. Leaving them behind is littering and you may get a ticket.

Are there any hook-ups out there or a place to dump your sewer?

No Hook-ups! There is no place to dump your tanks and it is illegal to do so. It is all dry camping and there are no trash cans out there. PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT!

Are there any bathrooms out there?

There are no bathrooms, no outhouses of any kind.

Do I need a flag on my ATV?

Rasor Road does not currently require any flags on your ATV's or truck.

Does it cost to camp at Rasor Road?

No, there is no fee for camping at Rasor Road. Although camping at the end of the road where the large trees are is trespassing on private property. The owner does allow camping there but there is NO CUTTING OF TREES!

Where can I get a map of the area?

You might try the BLM Barstow Field Office located at 2601 Barstow Road, Barstow, CA 92311 and you may call them at 760-252-6000 or email them at http://www.blm.gov/ca/forms/feedback/index.php?fo=4

Why is there a long post and cable fence out there?

That was installed in 2011 by NPS to keep OHV'rs out of the National Preserve and the Devil's Playground. There is an opening in the fence down the old Tonopah & Tidewater tracks heading to the Soda Dry Lade and at the opening only street legal vehicles are allowed to enter. You do have to stay on marked roads once you enter National Park Service land. Be advised, they are writing tickets!

Where is this Rasor Ranch at?

Rasor Ranch is a private off limits area. It consists of 80 acres of private property and two cabins and is nestled in the middle of the Rasor Road OHV park. The owners do welcome friends and families access when they are out there, but when the gates are shut and locked trespassers will be cited or shot on site. Just kidding, they might throw a few rocks at you but they don't shoot.

What should I do if I get stuck out there or break down?

You need to call the Rasor Road gas station "Beacon Station" at (760) 733-4347 or drive up the road to the gas station. They do have an off-road recovery vehicle.

What supplies does the gas station out there have?

The good people that own the gas station (Terry & Carol Young) keep that place well stocked. They have ice, beer, soft drinks, toilet paper, charcoal, sun screen, chips and snacks, fuel, gas, 110 octane racing fuel, phone, bathrooms, hot dogs and more! Stop in and say hi!

What are the people like that go out to Rasor Road?

It is mostly all families and almost everyone that goes out there knows each other. This makes it real nice and we all watch each others campsites. If you should get lost, stuck or hurt out there, just about anyone will stop and help you. It is a smaller group of people that go out there and there is no doubt that it is more of a family place then a party town.

Is there a Ranger station out there?

There is no Ranger station or check in office. The Rangers do patrol out there along with a few BLM Volunteers. The BLM Volunteers are mainly out there to help if someone in your group should get lost, hurt or need help of any kind. For more information on becoming a volunteer, please visit our website at: www.BLMV.org We would love to meet you!